Industrial Cleaning Adelaide

Envirojet fully realizes the harms and threats of pollution, whether it is in the form of chemical fumes or spillage. This is exactly why we inform our existing and potential customers about our efforts in persevering nature and taking precautionary measures to ensure environmental friendly activities in industrial cleaning Adelaide.

Technological development and modernization has allowed us to design and use cleaning equipment that uses only hot or cold water. At Envirojet, we ensure the use of safe means of cleaning. In fact, our name resonates with our commitment of bringing forth safe and environmental-friendly cleaning services. At Envirojet, we abstain from using harsh chemicals; if need be; only mild chemicals are employed to aid the cleaning process. High-pressure water blasting remains mainstay of our business.

However, we know that customers are not satisfied until they see documented proofs for themselves. It pleases us to share the verified credentials with our clients. We are a professional, certified company that provides cleaning facilities in Adelaide.


Have Water Permits and an Aviation Security Identification (ASIC) card that make us a legal company, and allow us to move and provide services safely and securely throughout the area.

Have been insured with a 20 million liability.

Have been certified with Australian Institute of Petroleum, which simply translates into the fact that we have a strong and verified national support, and we meet industrial accreditations and standards.

Have a National Police Clearance that exculpates us of all criminal charges and incriminations.

Envirojet completely understands what it means to undertake an industrial cleaning task. We offer a high-pressure stream cleaning of walls, warehouse, cold room, industrial kitchen, laboratories and manufacturing unit. Our professional services also entail the scrubbing of the cement, concrete, tiling, marble and granite flooring in order to remove the stains, dirt, grime and roughened surface.

Dealing with Envirojet means you are dealing with affordable eco-friendly industrial cleaning Adelaide services.

We have the latest cutting edge technology of vacuum recovery to serve high pressure cleaning that sprays the floors and the exterior of a building to remove leaves and other stuff.
Our extensive cleaning practices remove the filth from the surface and brings back the natural charm. The surfaces of tiles and marbles become rough and dull if they are not treated well.
The exterior of a building is the original beauty with an impressive charm of your property and put a captivating impression on your friends and guests.
Our services are environmental friendly, as we abide by the laws and rules of EPA (Environment Protection Authority).